Friday, December 20, 2013

holiday haze

it's been awhile, huh? i know every time i post i apologize profusely for the ridiculous amount of time i've been away, but it's been super long this time and i'm super sorry.

quick update: after marching band stopped i went back to working at the shop where i interned over the summer, and now i get paid.

for halloween i was ms. frizzle from the magic schoolbus.

at the beginning of november i went to national portfolio day in atlanta, where prospective art students bring their portfolios and present them to representatives from different art schools from all over the country. i got some really great feedback - my technique is great, but apparently i need to develop my subject matter more. i have tons of ideas now, and i've been creating nonstop ever since.

over thanksgiving break i got my wisdom teeth removed, and that was rough. i had some complications, but now i'm okay. today is the last day of school before the winter holiday, and i'm finally done with midterms and final projects and all. i was so stressed last week i almost had a breakdown, but i got my shit together somehow and was able to get everything done and turned in. i'm going to be staying home for christmas for the first time in a long time (we usually go up north to visit my dad's family), so that'll be fun.

my pet snake salazar passed away last week. i was quite upset. i'll miss my sal-baby lots.

i'm super excited because me and my mom and grandmother and cousin are going to new york city in january! i've never been before. my first choice college is pratt institute, so we're going to visit the campus. we're also going to see a few shows on broadway and visit the metropolitan museum of art and maybe the museum of natural history and moma. we've been talking about organizing a trip to nyc since my cousin and i were wee little things, and now it's finally coming true, the weekend of her 16th birthday, and just before my 17th! it's going to be so wonderful, i can hardly wait.
i love you guys. thanks for being awesome followers. have a fantastic holiday!


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