Tuesday, April 30, 2013

so i look like a smurf or an alien rapunzel or something

greetings earthlings. how do you like my headgear? it's totally the new style. soon to be appearing on the runways in milan, i'm sure. ignore that when i put the strap on my chin and pull my ears out i look like papa smurf. and that black thing draped over my shoulder isn't my hair. that's the sleeve they put around all the wires that are attached to my skull so they won't get all tangled. hey, i'm not complaining, i'd rather look like robo-rapunzel than robo-medusa.

i had a bunch of tests done yesterday like a spinal tap and another MRI and now they have me hooked up to this thing called an EEG where they glue these probes to your scalp and monitor your brain waves. and mine is a video EEG, because they want to know whether my convulsions are seizures or not, so they're videotaping my every move. its quite annoying because i've been wearing the same pair of gym shorts for the past three days and i'd like to change them but i don't want some skeevy doctor catching a glimpse of my smiley-face panties, so i just have to wait. ah well.

p.s. i started this post on april 21. i am no longer in the hospital at the current time. details later.

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