Tuesday, April 30, 2013

readjusting to the real world

honey, i'm home! yup, that's right, i'm out of the hospital. though i miss the green popsicles and sweet nurses dearly (i even drew them thank you cards), i am so happy to be back in my own bed. well, i am now, anyway.

i drew this for the nurses to thank them for their kindness and
 never-ending supply of scrumptious green popsicles
and this one was for the sweet-as-can-be food services people.

on my first day home, not so much. i have a family of five with two younger siblings, so our household is pretty high-energy. and since stress was what started this whole pickle, i decided that i needed to get away from the stress of my family for a little while as i adjusted to becoming a fully-functioning human being again. so i went to stay with my grandparents, who live only 5 minutes away but are both retired and live a pretty quiet life of reading, gardening, and spoiling their grandchildren. after a few days of serenity, netflix addiction, and short visits from friends with grammy and papa, i finally relented to my mom's begging and went home. and it's been pretty good so far. i met with my teachers and school counselor yesterday to work out a hospital homebound plan so that i can finish my classes without having to go to school if i don't want to. i also went out and bought some things to help me change my lifestyle around some so i'm not as stressed. i got a stress journal, where i record the situations when i'm stressed and rate them on a 0-10 scale (0 being bliss and 10 being anxiety attack), and i'm working with my therapist to learn how to handle certain stress ratings and better manage my anxiety. also, i bought some red hair dye and tonight i plan to join club ginger! i've been wanting to go redhead for a very long time but haven't had the guts til now. my mom said yes, and we got all the necessary supplies to make me a carrot top!! i'm so excited! hopefully the dye won't mess with my hair too much ( i have very fine, very curly hair, but a LOT of it). here's a before pic, and i'll post an after tonight!! wish me luck!

last day as a blondie!!!

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