Monday, May 6, 2013

a tour of lizzyland

here's a visual tour of my room. like i said in my about me blurb, i collect flamingos (hence the name of the blog), so my room is very pink and very flamingo-ey. but i love it :)

a flamingo yard ornament from Lowe's that i turned
into a jewelry rack

this shelf is a bit of a shrine to my childhood... close up below

(l-r) stuffed peeps bunny, little nesting doll inside a girl scouts
bracelet, a wooden figurine of an angel holding a candle given to me by
my godmother, wooden santa carving that a guy traded with me for
a print of one of my drawings at an art show, a photo of me and my cousin,
a little glass candy figurine, a flamingo salt shaker that used to belong
to my grandma, and a photo of my mom, my brother and I.

(l-r) half in the picture is a photo album of my baby pictures,
a green candle, a photo of my parents when they were young,
jesus, joseph and mary figurine, an origami star one of my friends made me,
a china egg holder my aunt gave me, a drawing i did of my favorite childhood
picture, and an angel figurine my mom made out of a little flower pot.

my bookshelf

lanterns and feathers and my grandmother's
ballet shoes

photos of my friends and family and an origami
chain my friend made me

part of my collage wall (as are the next 3 photos), all drawings by
me and photos from magazines, probably mainly teen vogue
and seventeen and nylon.

close-up of my quote mural
a valentine my little sister made for me that i love :)

the bulletin board i put all my cards on because they take up too
much space but they're too pretty to give away

alright, so that's the basic gist of my room! hope you like it. :)

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  1. your room is so cool! I love the collages!xx


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