Saturday, May 18, 2013

boys, brothers, and summer at last

okay guys i am REALLY PUMPED right now because i just found out that the guy i like, the one i mentioned in my versatile blogger post, likes me too! i gave him a letter today explaining my feelings and he called me tonight and told me he felt the same way. it was so sweet - he told me that when he first saw my self portrait that's hanging in the grand commons of my school he thought i was the prettiest person he'd ever seen. god i'm so excited i can barely hold it in! EEP!

on another rather depressing yet hilarious note, my little brother has had the most ridiculous sequence of events this week. every single day he got hurt in some way. tuesday he fell in gym and hit his cheek on the bleachers so he has a big scratch on his face. next day he got hit in the nose accidentally when he was playfighting with a friend, so his schnoz is bruised. thursday he knocked a hammer from the top of a ladder and it hit him square in the head, so add a minor concussion and a goose-egg the size of a baby's fist to that mental image. and then this morning - when we thought the storm of injury had passed, since bad things apparently come in threes - he stepped on a nail. luckily he was up to date on his tetanus shots. i told my mom that we needed to wrap him in bubble wrap and chain mail and pillows and lock him in a giant hamster ball. oh, and he's okay by the way. other than the fact that he looks like he narrowly escaped a gang fight. but his escapades this week remind me of looney tunes so much that i can't help but giggle every time i see him. lemony snicket should write a series about my brother's life. poor kid.

and lastly, yesterday was officially my last day of being a sophomore!! i am now free at last! time for sweet tea and pool lounging in my AWESOME new bikini, which i found on i think you'll appreciate it:

that's right guys, my pool-time lounging is officially flamingo-fied :)

in honor of the fact that IT'S SUMMERTIME BITCHEZ, here's my favorite childhood lullaby, "summertime" (sometimes called "summertime and the livin' is easy"). enjoy!!


  1. OMg I love your swim suit! I'm taking a trip soon and my searching escapade at a department store was anything but fun. Everything has to have a ridiculous cut out or cost a bazillion dollars!

  2. Came across this blog completely randomly but the story of the boy made me smile as it was just so cute!

  3. Hey! Firstly- love the look of your blog... Pink can sometimes be under appreciated amongst the feminist community...
    Secondly- Gorgeous arrangement of Summertime (Of course it is- just look at the singers). Have you ever seen the Opera 'Porgy and Bess' where it is from? If not- it's a definite must see :D

    1. i haven't seen porgy and bess, though ive been meaning to for some time! i grew up listening to summertime on a soundtrack of old lullabies my mom played for me and it's always been one of my favorite songs :)

    2. Next time a production comes any where near you, go and see it :) I went to watch the South Africa Opera Company do it last year (it was the first opera I had seen) and was blown away, it was nothing like I expected opera to be. Then to top it off, I later went to see Carmen, which included a naked man twirling about on the stage for five minutes. My introduction to Opera hasn't been that conventional :P

    3. i've never seen an opera before, unless you count a dvd recording of phantom of the opera :P but i really want to! i've heard such good things about carmen and i adore the soundtrack. now i'm all excited to see if there's an opera coming to town soon! haha :)


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