Wednesday, May 8, 2013

funeral for my polyvore

so i have a polyvore and i used to go on a lot and i made a ton of sets and la-de-da and then one day i just stopped going on polyvore and i haven't been on since. so yesterday i decided to go on and see what i had missed and such. i got all nostalgic for the times when i could only collage virtually so i was all like "i'm gonna start polyvorin again!" and so i tried to make a set. and failed miserably. guys, my polyvore skillz died. i mean, whatever polyvore skillz i had. not that i had many. i had like no followers or set likes when i was on there anyway, it was slightly pathetic. but i'm really sad! i used to be able to crank out a decent set in less than 15 minutes! so i'm holding a memorial service for my polyvore skillz.

my dearest polyvore, you are part of what made me who i am today.

when i was in need of a friend, you provided me with people to pm who never pm'd me back.

all those times i was sad and lonely i'd escape into your arms, and you were there with virtual cupcakes and flowers.

you were my first endeavor into the blogging world... i discovered fandoms and fashion and writers and angsty teens like me through you.

when i felt like the world was closing in around me, you provided me with pretty pictures of people with cooler lives than me.

you inspired me to start dressing like a freak... i discovered my first ugly grandpa sweater with you x)

you allowed me to drool over logan lerman and tom felton without judging me.

you taught me the difference between annoying people who think they like fashion and real girls who are rad and have passion.

you taught me that there was a world beyond my school hallways, with people who wouldn't judge me for my clothes.

and you made me realize that i want red hair. bad.

now let us all say a silent prayer in mourning for my polyvore skillz and go eat cheap grocery store cake.

oh, and b-t-dubs i'm not closing my account or anything. i'm just depressed that my polyvore abilities vanished. i'm probably going to keep making sets occasionally until i get the hang of it again.

mkay, later kids. don't do drugs. stay in school. and stuff.

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  1. This means so much to me and the fact you want to reconcile with something that used to be such a huge part of your world (and this is going to sound VERY cliché) - speaks volumes to me. This is so well-written and beautiful.

    {I hate to advertise, but I'm new, so sorry for being an attention-hogging little ho x_x}

    ~ c xxx


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