Thursday, May 9, 2013

[anticipatory] summertime sadness

this outfit is inspired by my impatience for summer break to HURRY UP AND GET HERE ALREADY DAMMIT. time for a good dose of lemonade pink and swimming-pool blue? i think so.

polka dot peplum top and embroidered flamingo skirt from goodwill; thrifted belt; shoes from rack room

flamingo pin is one of my swaps (special whatchamacallits affectionately pinned somewhere) from some girl scouting event, i can't remember which; striped bow headband handmade from a t-shirt sleeve; earrings made for me by a friend. makeup: cat eye using stiletto liquid liner and eye pencil from maybelline; lips a combo of coral crush and fuchsia flash lipstick from maybelline.

i leave you with this little bit of sweetness by the lovely lana del rey :)


  1. AWESOME BLOG!! I only just found it and it's great!!
    love it <3

  2. I love the color! your flamingo outfit is perf


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