Friday, May 10, 2013

red, red, red...

so tomorrow i will officially become a redhead! i am so excited! i tried some demi-permanent dye a few weeks back, and it did NOT come out well. it looks brownish-auburn at best, in the right lighting, but otherwise it just looks light brownish blondish ish. but see, i want RED. molly ringwold red! karen gillan red! florence welch red! christina hendricks red! jessica chastain red! i want to be able to carry out my lifetime dream of going to england and crashing a weasley family reunion without being noticed! and so i've finally made up my mind. i am letting a pro handle it. hopefully it will come out something like these lovely ladies below!

left - right starting at top left corner: top row - all unknown models;
second row - all unknown models;
third row - jessica chastain, unknown model, florence welch, christina hendricks;
last row - 1st 3 are unknown models, 4th is karen gillan.
all pictures found on

and in honor of my soon to  be ginger locks, one of my favorite songs by fiona apple, red red red. enjoy! :)


  1. This is like my life-long dream! Infinite envy.

  2. Oh I love Florence Welch's hair! I hope you don't mind, I nominated you for the versatile blogger award. No pressure, the rules are here if you accept <3

    1. omigosh that is so awesome of you!!! i totally accept!!! :D


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