Monday, May 13, 2013

my name is lizzy and i'm a versatile blogger!

the rules are:
1) thank the person that gave you the award.
2) include a link to their blog.
3) select 15 blogs to nominate for the award (which is a little excessive, so i'ma change that to 5 nominees...)
4) tell the person who nominated you and your readers 7 things about yourself.

thank you so much Rosie for nominating me! you have made me feel so welcome in the blogosphere. if y'all don't know about rosie and her bitchin' blog, you are wrong. go to the link nowwww! and be forever in love with this absolutely rad person!

my 5 blogs are going to be:
thanks for being amazing, creative, and inspiring :)

my 7 things:
1) i'm SUPER obsessed with harry potter and supernatural. i love disney and the avengers and downton abbey and the hunger games and the mortal instruments series and the divergent series. i also watch dr. who, though not enough to consider myself a whovian. i'm kind of a major fangirl.

images from

2) i go barefoot all the time. i find that wandering around without shoes is liberating, and i love the feeling of grass or dirt between my toes. i go for walks barefoot all the time. i even run around my school without shoes. people always look at me weird and tell me i'm gonna get std's or step on some glass or something, but i don't really care. i just like to be able to wiggle my toes in the mud and feel the earth right below me :)

3) like rosie, i'm in love with a guy which y'all probably don't care about but i need to talk about. he's half vietnamese and half russian and he's so insanely attractive and he's an AMAZING artist, like holy fuck let me go die in a hole now cuz i'll never be as good as you. and he's so goddamn nice all the fucking time. he calls me every few days to check up on me since ive been having all those *medical problemz* and even sent me a beautifully illustrated card when i was in the hospital on which he drew HEDWIG carrying a letter with my name on it. asdfghjkl. except he's like that to everyone, he's just a really kind and thoughtful person, so i have NO IDEA how he feels about me. and im dyingggggg.

4) i do trapeze and aerial dance at a local circus arts studio. it's kind of the coolest thing ever.

this is a self portrait of me doing a heel hang on a trapeze
yes that means i am hanging 10ft in the air by only the backs of my feet
if you weren't convinced of my badassness yet this should be sufficient evidence xD

5) i'm a girl scout, and proud of it. i even went to england (i'm american if you haven't gathered that yet) to represent the US at the 100th anniversary of girl guides at the harewood house in yorkshire. it was awesome.

6) i've been featured in rookie before. my best friend perrin and i were this march's friend crush.

7) i have a phobia of adhesive stuff being on my skin. it makes me want to puke when people put stickers or tape on their faces, and if you try and stick something on me i will flail and scream and probably accidentally smack you in the face.


  1. Oh, Oh
    So I do this, then..? How sweet <3 Thanks for the nom <33
    Also >> I SAW THAT IN ROOKIE BEFORE WE MET!!!! lololol

    1. no problem!! i love your blog and your writing style :)
      oh yeah haha that's me! and my bestie perrin too xD i was so pumped when lena from rookie called me i was literally hyperventilating haha it was so surreal!

  2. Oh my goodness, I've just read this and you like Harry Potter and you were on Rookie, and you do art and you are a scout and whoa!!!! You are so much like me it's genuinely scary! I'm already loving your blog, and I've only read 2 posts and ahhh..
    Just lots of virtual love coming your way :)

    1. ahhhh!! thank you so much, you just made my day xD

  3. I'm a scout too!!! It's amazing to find another one on the blogosphere!

  4. This is so cool! I have a fellow Harry Potter nerd, Girl Scout, and barefoot walker. I get the "what happened to your shoes?" look all the time :)


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