Monday, May 13, 2013

i have officially joined club ginger!

i got my hair dyed by a pro on saturday and i am SO FUCKING EXCITED because it looks soooo good!!!!!!!!! yayyyy!!!!!!! it's just how i wanted it. what do you think??
i was a dirty blondish brown
i have gorgeously red locks! is it narcissistic to be completely in love with your hair?
also, here's what i wore yesterday for mothers day :)

dress from goodwill, thrifted belt, shoes from rack room

hope you all had a beautiful mothers' day!! :) <3


  1. I nominated this blog for a versatile blogger award!

    1. oh yay thank you so much!!! i actually got nominated already, and that was my last post, but did you want me to do it again? cuz i can totally nominate some more blogs and come up with 7 more facts. or i can add your name to my original post as one of my nominators? i dunno how this works haha

  2. Your hair looks gorgeous! I love red hair, but I could never pull it off due as I have tanned skin. However, it works wonderfully with your complexion, and it looks really natural!
    Ella x

    1. thank you!! my skin gets pretty tan too in the summer so i dont know what im gonna do about that... >.> i may just read and sew and blog all day and never leave the house so i don't get any sun xD


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