Thursday, May 9, 2013

rain rain go away

so this past weekend my family and i went to stay at my grandparents' second house up in the mountains, and it rained cats and dogs the whole damn time. and it was really frickin' cold. so i was all stranded in the freezing and dreary weather all weekend. lucky for you, (ha ha...) i had absolutely nothing better to do than take pictures of myself.

red plaid button-down stolen from my brother's closet, hand me down sweatshirt, delia's jeans, boots from rack room shoes.

let's pretend i don't look like an evil demon in this picture and concentrate on the liquid eyeliner and red revolution lipstick from maybelline.

oh, and good news! i'm getting my hair professionally dyed this weekend! so this time it WILL come out how i want it. moodboard of color ideas later. 

and here's an awesome video by the always awesome fiona apple - my favorite rainy day lady. enjoy!

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