Wednesday, September 4, 2013

If I see another swath of red fabric I swear I'll scream

Hey there folks. It's been an obscenely long time since I've posted, and for that I apologize greatly! I suck! Please feel free to throw tomatoes at my face! (Perhaps I've been watching too much Merlin...) Aaanyway, the reason I haven't been keeping up with my blog is that school started here in Stupidland, USA the second week of August and I have been ridiculously busy ever since.

My first day of school outfit. What do you think? Comment with your favorite back-to-school outfit and/or memory :)

So this year may prove to be a bit tough. Not only do I have 4 AP classes (for those of you who aren't familiar, those are super advanced college level classes where if you pass a major test at the end of the year you get a college credit), but I also have rather stupidly taken up the task of singlehandedly making 16 red flamenco skirts for the marching band's flagline. So every moment of my time that has not been dedicated to studying or marching band has been spent making red ruffled circle skirts. Which hasn't been all that awful except for the fact that making the exact same thing over and over again 16 times gets REALLY FREAKING BORING. So that's why I've been a virtual recluse of late.

Due to my lack of spare time I've also had to postpone starting my job at the redesign boutique until marching band season is over with, which is sad. Luckily I work with amazing and understanding
people who are very flexible and willing to help.

One plus to starting school is that it's gotten me writing and making art again! Two of my AP classes
are AP Language and AP Art, and I have brilliant teachers in both that have really been pushing me to excel in my work. I'll post some of my latest pieces soon!

In other news, I have a fabulous new pet! He is a baby ring neck snake. I found him on the floor in my room and he was just too cute not to keep! His name is Salazar. He's about the size of an earthworm, and he likes to curl himself around my fingers like live jewelry x)

So yeah, I've been doing pretty well despite my insane schedule. I hope you're all well!

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